Vastu Essentials’ You Need To Look For While Buying Your New Home

In today’s scenario every ‘Vastu Consultant’ has different opinions and principles and as a buyer, you already have your hands full with financial responsibilities and the documentation process. This blog helps you simplify the concept of ‘Vastu’ and highlights some ‘Vastu essentials’ you need to look for in your new home.

As value-driven real estate developers and innovators, we at V. K. Lalco Group believe in building homes that are ‘Vastu-dosh proof’. We have accumulated the wisdom of building thoughtful homes for more than 60 years. We share some ‘Vastu’ insights from our years of wisdom to help you choose better homes.

‘Vaastu Shastra’ is a set of thumb rules to make your living space abuzz with equilibrium, harmony, and positive vibrations. ‘Vastu Shastra’ is a process of aligning your home with the earth’s magnetic fields, the direction of the wind, sunlight, and hygiene essentials.

VKLAL VISHNU, which is a Veekalal Investment Project, has been built considering the same Vastu Tips below.

Basic Vastu rules to follow for your new house:

Structure your house right:
1. The shape of a flat must be a square or a rectangle; eliminate any irregularities that break harmony to avoid aggression and chaos.
2. Avoid large unused spaces in rooms (especially bathrooms) and stairs in front of the doors
3. Avoid the existence of groundwater currents and other geological issues like electromagnetic pollution.
4. The north direction of the house should not be blocked with a pillar or any unaesthetic construction as this is known for prosperity.

The south entrance is inauspicious:
1. The entrance is one of the most important parts of ‘Vastu Shastra’ and it should be in either the East direction or in North or West. Since the South is considered as an inauspicious direction, it is not a great direction for entrance.

Location and directions of, prayer rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms:
1. Prayer rooms must be placed at the center of your home facing north-east.
2. Bedrooms should not be in the north-east as our body’s north and the magnetic north repels one another when we lie with our head on north. This can affect blood flow and cognitive functions.

The land and streets that surround your house:
1. The lands with big falls, slopes, arid soils, and strong winds should be avoided. Geologically these factors can affect the structural strength of your house and can cause damage to the property physically.
2. V-shaped or T-shaped streets, right in front of the door, gate or entrance can lead to aggression.

Keep these basic ‘Vastu essentials’ in mind while choosing your new home and you will have a great head start. A Lalco pro tip is to understand that the ‘Vastu’ has an essence of its own, known as ‘Vastu Purush’. The 8 Directions (North-West, North, North-East, West, East, South-West, South-East, and center) and the 5 elements of nature (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Space) play a crucial role in the ‘Vastu’.