Reasons Why One Should Buy Property at VKLAL Vishnu and VKLAL Hari in the Wake of Stamp Duty Reduction

Buying property in Mumbai is a distant but distinct dream for thousands of individuals and families across the country. However, the skyrocketing prices and unavailability of spacious homes often deters buyers from fulfilling this objective. In such scenarios, any reductions in the overhead property charges also brings about a sense of tremendous relief to home-buyers.
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Some Essential Factors to Consider Before Opting for a Home Loan in India

Shortlisting a locality and earmarking a builder, allocating funds and consulting brokers – buying a home is a significant personal decision and requires extensive planning, research and consideration. Consequently, setting a budget limit and establishing a systematic funds allocation plan are prerequisites to a successful real-estate investment venture.
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A Glimpse at Some Premier Educational Institutions in Dahisar

At its best, education is not only a means for one to attain professional success but also a guiding force that facilitates mental, emotional and social growth and development. As a result, the best educational institutions focus not only on academics and theoretical learning but encourage the all-round development of their students. Enrolling in reputed schools and colleges enables one to become a global citizen of the modern world.
Living in close proximity to premier educational institutions ensures that students do not have to exert too much time and effort into commuting to and from their schools and colleges. For this reason, real estate developers in Mumbai and other cities establish properties from which such institutions are easily accessible. Here is a glimpse of some of the premier educational institutions in the bustling Dahisar locality in Mumbai:

1. Singapore International School
Situated on the lap of nature and away from the mundane hustle-bustle, Singapore International School is a premier IGCSE school and the only co-ed institution in Mumbai that offers daily, weekly, monthly and term-wise boarding facilities. Focusing on the all-round development of the students, the school follows a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates world-class curricula including the Singaporean curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities including Apple labs, air-conditioned studios, a 600 sq. feet well-equipped auditorium, and a multi-sports complex, it nurtures its students’ skills and talents and encourages them to realize their maximum potential.

2. Universal High School
Offering IGCSE and ISE courses to its students, Universal High School aims to facilitate holistic education by encouraging students to learn in a creative and participative manner. The school believes that learning is a lifelong process and offers an education system that helps them reach their highest capabilities. Booking premier flats for sale in Dahisar East which are located close to such esteemed institutions ensures that children save on commute time and make the most of their school schedules.

3. Rustomjee Cambridge International School
Rustomjee Cambridge International School consists of more than 6,500 students and has been holding the Education World Ranking for the past 7 consecutive years. With a comprehensive IGCSE course focused on learner-centred education, the school seeks to inculcate in its students values such as intellectual discipline, teamwork and individual vision. The school ensures that its students are deeply involved in the learning process and imbibe values that transcend the four walls of the classroom.

4. Thakur Ramnarayan College of Arts and Commerce
As an institution run by the prestigious Thakur group, Thakur Ramnarayan College in Dahisar provides world-class facilities and infrastructure to its students and acts as a stepping-stone to their bright professional future. Besides offering B.A. and B. Com. courses, the college also provides various other programmes including BMM, BMS, BAF, B.Sc. (IT) and B. Sc. (CS). The college is situated in Shiv Vallabh Road and may be easily accessed from nearby residential complexes and 1 BHKs in Dahisar.

Over the years, Dahisar East has emerged as a prominent residential area for families. As a result, there has also been a surge of the educational avenues in this locality, giving rise to institutions that focus on quality education leveraging modern technology and innovative methods. VKLAL Vishnu Phase I in Dahisar is situated at a central location from which all the prominent schools and colleges in the neighbourhood are easily accessible. Thus, buying a 1 BHK flat in this society is an affordable long-term investment especially for families with children studying in schools or colleges. Click here to know more about this project!

Healthcare at a Stone’s Throw: Premier Hospitals Accessible Around Borivali

The old proverb goes: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Taken literally, a timely stitch to heal your wound and the right prescription to remedy your ailments can go a long way in nursing you back to health. However, living in a city like Mumbai is a paradox in the sense that while the facilities available are plenty, efficiency is often compromised upon as a result of excessive traffic and tedious commute durations. Thus, it becomes all the more crucial for individuals to reside in areas consisting of all the necessary medical facilities.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a House

As a prospective home buyer, you will always face the same dilemma, is this the right time to buy my first or new home? That will be followed by, is this the right time to invest in real estate? The pandemic in 2020 has introduced us to many unforeseen challenges. The importance of one’s ‘own home’ has resurfaced. The significant changes to our daily norms such as work-from-home, virtual schools and meetings and a renewed need to ensure the safety and health of our families has urged people to buy their own home in Mumbai. Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a new home for yourself and your family.
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The Perks of Purchasing a Home Having Wide Windows and Adequate Ventilation

Having a safe and secure existence while staying connected to the world outside is perhaps what an ideal dream home feels like. And in any home, windows act as integrating factors that allow the inhabitants to remain in their comfortable space while also being in constant touch with the hustle and bustle outside. However, a home with wide windows is a popular choice for more reasons besides connecting individuals to their surroundings. A wide window ensures adequate ventilation, fostering a healthy lifestyle and preventing congestion. Here are some ways in which wide windows and adequate ventilation can promote bliss and health in your home:
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Moving into Mumbai? Here are Some Handy Tips to Help You Navigate!

Bustling vehicles and magnificent high-rises, busy days and bright nights, Queen’s Necklace and street food – for an outsider, Mumbai is nothing short of a mirage. It is a distant dream that gleams in its radiance and entices with its opportunities. But ask anyone who has moved to Mumbai from another city, and s/he will speak of the struggles and perils involved in settling down here from scratch. But on the brighter side, most residents as well as builders in Mumbai would agree that the end-result is worth the effort.
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