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2 Solapur Road, Next to Pul Gate Bus Depot, Camp,

Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Building Description

A full free standing three storey commercial building with an elevator, located on Solapur Road, in Pune is available for rent. The entire building measures 12,000 sq. ft. across 3 floors. The building also has a basement and a rooftop. It is ideal for corporate headquarters, banks, retail stores, or any other commercial establishments looking for road front access. The building is relatively new, construction was completed in 2011, and it was renovated in 2012. It is walking distance from M.G. Road in Camp, Pune.

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Sales Office 1 86574 43652
Sales Office 2 86574 43653
Nikhil 75067 12268
Ajit 75067 12265

Floor Plans

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Size Details

Area Available SQ. FT. SQ. MT.
Full Building 7,373.53 686.90
Full Ground Floor 1,806.19 167.79
Ground Floor Front 1,182.75 109.88
Ground Floor Back 623.44 57.91
Full Mezzanine Floor 1,200.57 111.52
Mezzanine Floor Front 577.13 53.61
Mezzanine Floor Back 623.44 57.91
Full Second Floor 2,623.00 245.58
Second Floor Front 1,268.25 117.82
Second Floor Back 1,354.75 127.76
Full Basement 1,744.07 162.01
Basement Front 1,120.63 104.10
Basement Back 623.44 57.91

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