Lalco Residency: Relax. There’s Room For it.

Like that extra leg room on the plane? Of course you do. So why stay in a small hotel room that doesn’t give you room to stretch out and shake it off after hours? You’re going to want more than elbow room to unwind after spending a lively day in Mumbai. It’s all about having space, and the serviced apartments of Lalco Residency offer you plenty of it. Space to work, eat, lounge, think and just breathe. We’re absolutely perfect for families or large groups looking for extended-stay accommodations. With units ranging from 1 to 6 bedrooms, we have an apartment for every need, whether you’re traveling alone for business, on holiday as a couple, or are part of a traveling circus troupe.

Our apartments come with two full bathrooms, one for you and one for your guests if you please. The best part is that housekeeping will keep them neat and clean, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself when you stay with us. Our dependable laundry service team will even wash your clothes, although there is a washer and dryer in every unit if you prefer to do your own.

You’ll be pleased to know that Lalco Residency typically costs 40% less than the combined cost of two hotel rooms. Consider the additional space you get with a living room, kitchen and separate bedrooms, along with numerous fitness facilitates—the smart choice is obvious.

All apartments also come with fully equipped kitchens and complimentary filtered water, making life away from home feel especially homey and comfortable. It’s the perfect answer for when you need a change of pace from eating out meal after meal, and it’s a wonderful option if you’re constantly considering family health and/or have a budget to manage.

If you’re looking to stay in Mumbai for longer than 3 days, you’ll love Lalco Residency and all the superb amenities to fulfill active and healthy lifestyles. We care about our guests and would love to host your next stay in beautiful and spirited Mumbai.

Book through our Sales Team and receive complimentary WiFi and breakfast during your stay