V. K. Lalco Group Helping Workers And Families With Utmost Care

The unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc throughout the globe. India and its economic capital, Mumbai, have been in a government ordered lock down for almost 2 months. While this lockdown appears to be slowing the spread within the country, it has unfortunately not stopped the virus and has also kept millions of people out of work. The lockdown has prevented millions of people from accessing basic necessities like food on a daily basis.

V. K. Lalco Group has taken the initiative to do what it can to take care of our community, especially those that are most vulnerable, like workers on the construction site of VKLAL Vishnu Phase I, and to help educate workers and their families on the proper procedures and practices to keep themselves safe.

The V. K. Lalco Team has been making sure the worksite is properly sanitized and food deliveries are made on a weekly basis. The workers are provided with meals 2 times a day and grocery on a weekly basis. All processes are carried out while maintaining social distancing guidelines and while requiring and providing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), like masks and gloves.

According to the General Manager of V. K. Lalco Group’s Construction Division, Mr. Jayesh Khanvilkar, no one will have to leave the city if the business owners take care of their workers. Mr. Jayesh Khanvilkar said, “Currently we have 54 workers who have been struggling for 2 months as they are not able to get the basic grocery. Though the government is trying to help the needy, everything is not available for everyone. Hence, along with help of other staff members like Pravin Rai, Swamy, the government schemes like Atal Ahar Yojna and also with the help of Labour officers Mr. Mahesh Patil, we arrange 2 meals on a daily basis to all our workers staying with us on the site. Also in the past 1.5 months we have provided the workers with grocery 4-5 times. Our company V. K. Lalco Group and NGOs have helped the workers over the last 2 months we have been taking care of them. If the work starts soon with the end of the lockdown, the workers will stay. But as the government has started transport, there are those who wish to go to their hometown, and with all due respect they can leave. But till the time they are staying with us, we will take care of them”

Later in the interview, 3 workers confirmed that the Team of V. K. Lalco Group and Mr. Jayesh Khanvilkar himself, is taking good care of all the workers and their families. The workers who initially planned to move back to their hometown are now willing to stay. They also said that any kind problems are taken care of by the manager of the company Jayesh Khanvilkar affectionately called Jayesh Bhai. All the workers are thankful to Jayesh and V. K. Lalco Group.

If every company starts taking care of their employees and other staff, most of the problems can be solved. V. K. Lalco Group is trying to set an example as to how businesses and their teams can help out during this crisis. Family is not limited to blood relations but also the people who are dependent on us and vice versa.