Why Purchasing a 1-BHK Flat in Mumbai is the Best Investment for Families

Whoever said a home is just a space to inhabit? To a family, the definition of a ‘home’ goes beyond just four walls where you can stay put after the evenings. It is a place where family-members share and bond, care, and support each other. It is the haven to return to when you do not find peace and comfort anywhere else.

And that is why while buying a home for you and your family, it is not only important to consider the number of rooms that the house consists of but also the size and space of each of the rooms. And that is why opting for spacious 1 BHK flats is a great real estate investment. Many real estate developers in Mumbai and other major cities offer such immaculately designed spacious 1 BHK flats that provide ample space and comfort to families. Here are some reasons why purchasing a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai is the best decision you might take for you and your loved ones:

Cost-Effective Real Estate Investment

Buying a magnificent home in a city like Mumbai can be very intimidating and financially disconcerting. On the other hand, a very stuffy home with less space is not a good accommodation solution while moving in with your family. 1-BHK flats strike the perfect balance by offering sufficient space for each member of the family while also being a relatively very affordable investment for a family belonging to the middle-income group.

Low-Maintenance and Convenient Living

Another advantage of purchasing a 1-BHK flat is that it is a low-maintenance investment compared to flats with too many rooms. Living in a low-maintenance home not only reduces effort and time but also the costs involved at various levels, including electricity, repairs, cleaning and furnishing. It is an affordable real estate option not only during but also after the purchase.

Better Space Optimization

Typically, integrating a hall, a bedroom and a kitchen to form a spacious flat is the best accommodation plan in terms of space optimization. If your home is too small and dingy, it is but natural that you may have to load all your belongings into the limited space you have. On the other hand, extremely large homes can cause too many empty spaces and thus the need to fill them up with more furniture and décor. However, the right amount of space in your home ensures that you do not have to squeeze in or hoard furniture. 1 BHK flats for sale in Dahisar East provide the perfect balance between affordability and convenience.

A More Sustainable Existence

Living in huge apartments also comes with an added responsibility of paying extra maintenance bills and increased energy requirements. This increases the carbon footprints and promotes increased energy consumption levels. Today, leading a sustainable existence and using our resources judiciously are our primary duties as citizens of the world. Living in a 1-BHK flat also helps you reduce your energy consumption levels as the number of rooms is sufficient to lead a comfortable life but not too much to hamper sustainable living.

Buying a 1-BHK flat is a popular choice amongst families for its affordability, easy maintenance and sustainability. And what can be better than purchasing a 1-BHK flat in one of the fastest developing suburban areas in Mumbai? VKLAL Vishnu Phase I in Dahisar offers spacious and affordable 1 BHK flats that can become your comfortable haven forever! Click here to find out more about us.