5 Reasons Why 1BHK is the Most Preferable Investment Option

Buying a home is not only amongst the oldest methods of investment, but also amongst the most secure asset classes. Granted that the industry has witnessed a lull post the influx of GST in the under-construction purchase, but the ever-evolving market has carved a niche for the segment of investors who swear by the Real Estate market. Within the residential real estate space a 1BHK flat has outperformed and become the most preferred choice of investment amongst the end users as well as the investors. Below are some of the

1. Affordability:
Investing in 1 BHK apartments means low budget investment, the smaller the unit the more affordable and marketable it is. 1BHK apartment is an ideal starter home for a first-time homebuyer on a budget. Homebuyer who is tight on budget, a 1 BHK flat in Borivali and other such emerging localities is an ideal option to buy as less capital involved would mean that the homebuyer will have to make a small down payment and smaller equated monthly installments.

2. Less Property Tax and Maintenance Cost:
Since a 1BHK apartment is a small residential unit, you don’t have to pay high property tax. Also, the maintenance cost for this type of apartment is very less. You don’t have to hire someone to look after your property. All these things contribute to the quantum of savings from a 1BHK investment. Builders in Mumbai have tapped into this sentiment and developed projects that strike the perfect between affordable and luxury.

3. A More Sustainable Existence:
Living in huge apartments also comes with an added responsibility of paying extra maintenance bills and increased energy consumption. This increases the carbon footprints and promotes increased energy consumption levels. Today, leading a sustainable existence and using our resources judiciously are our primary duties as citizens of the world. Living in a 1-BHK flat also helps you reduce your energy consumption levels as the number of rooms is sufficient to lead a comfortable life but not too much to hamper sustainable living. Due to these reasons a 1BHK flat is the most preferred choice amongst the millennial as well as the younger generation.

4. Little to No burden of home loans:
Investing in 1 BHK apartment means low budget investment. So either the investor can buy the property without loan or can easily repay the loan if taken. The investor need have to worry about the clearing huge loans and paying the interest. The interest amount is quite less as the budget is low. The loan gets easily repaid and the amount saved can be used for the future.

5. Good investment option:
Buying a 1 BHK is a good investment option if the unit is put on for rent. Usually, students, bachelors, and young couples prefer 1 BHK flats due to pocket friendly rentals, easy to maintain and also low maintenance costs. Majority of migrants as well prefer 1 BHK apartments. In terms of rentals 1 BHK flats are high on demand and therefore 1 BHK units are a desirable option for investors to earn a regular monthly income.

So, if you are also planning to buy a property then 1 BHK is the option for investment as1-BHK flat is a popular choice amongst families for its affordability, easy maintenance and sustainability. And what can be better than purchasing a 1-BHK flat in one of the fastest developing suburban areas in Mumbai? VKLAL Vishnu Phase I in Dahisar offers spacious and affordable 1 BHK flats that can become your comfortable haven forever! Click here to find out more about us.