Decorating Open-Plan and Closed-Plan Kitchens: Some Unique Ideas

Even as your eyes flash with those enormous dreams, your stomach awaits
nutritious food to churn out the energy to fulfil them. Food is to your body as fuel to a vehicle – it nourishes your system and keeps you going through the day!

Consequently, the nutrition value in your food significantly influences your energy levels and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s perhaps why a kitchen is the most indispensable chamber in a home, providing the necessary warmth, nourishment and care to the inhabitants before and after a hectic day.
Today, builders in Borivali and other affluent areas of the city offer
personalised kitchen designs that strike the perfect balance between
aesthetics and functionality. As such, the two major kitchen architectural styles
prevalent in Indian households today are the open-plan and closed-plan
kitchens, each entailing its set of unique features and benefits. Are you
brainstorming on home décor ideas for your open-plan or closed-plan kitchen?
We have some innovative ideas for you:

I. Open-Plan Kitchen
An open-plan kitchen is one that does not consist of a separate
entrance and is not enclosed by separate walls. It is usually an
extension of another room, such as the hall or the passage. Open-
plan kitchens have a wide range of benefits, including saving floor
space, enhancing visual appeal, and providing ample scope for
adequate lighting. Here are some unique ideas to decorate your
open-plan kitchen:
1. Connected Cooking and Dining Areas: Combining the cooking and
dining areas makes for an aesthetic interior style and facilitates
more convenience. Today, many 1 BHK flats consist of open-plan
kitchens situated within the dining area, sometimes even erecting
an additional worktop to be converted to a dining table.

2. From ‘Open Plan’ to ‘Broken Plan’: Broken plan kitchens are the
latest interior décor trends these days. With their split floor
patterns, glazed doors and other such fragmented designs, broken
plan kitchens offer remarkable visual appeal and provide residents
with a unique architectural style.

3. Classic Kitchen Islands: A kitchen island is a worktop not
supported by walls, usually supplementing and situated opposite
to the main worktop. These worktops can include the sink,
chopping-boards, additional kitchen accessories, showpieces etc.
Also, line up some chairs around them, and they can double up as
your dining area! Many 1 BHK flats in Borivali east are spacious
enough to accommodate such customised kitchen islands.

4. Appearance and Radiance: While many residents install one
common light source for their living-rooms and kitchens, setting
up elegant and subtle lighting for your open-plan kitchen elevates
its look and feel to another level! Bulbs and chandeliers, party
lights and lamps – the options are aplenty!

II. Close-Plan Kitchen
Unlike open-plan kitchens, close-plan kitchens are enclosed by walls
and have separate entrances. Hence, they have clear demarcations
that separate them from the other rooms in the apartment. Close-
plan kitchens provide more privacy compared to open-plan kitchens
and are typically more spacious. Here are some unique interior décor
ideas for close-plan kitchens:

1. Bright Lights and the Big Kitchen: As much as your closed kitchen
may be spacious and sprawling, you may want to install bright
lights at different corners of the room. This ensures that you can
easily access the interiors of shelves and drawers in your kitchen,
in addition to the visual appeal!

2. Adequate Ventilation: Since your kitchen is removed from the
rest of your home, it may not share the wide windows your other
rooms are equipped with. Thus, it helps to have exhaust fans and
other means of ventilation installed in the kitchen to avoid

3. The L-Shaped Kitchen Worktop: Since close-plan kitchens have
their separate windows, L shaped worktops with the gas-stove
placed towards the window and a sink in the corner help prevent
congestion and provide a more immaculate look and feel to the

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