Some Perks of Living Close to Parks

Whether it is work pressure or an uncertain personal life or simply a need to move away for a while from the shackles of mundaneness, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling the fresh air from huge sets of trees planted in the Parks.

Now imagine owning a home close to the national parks and having a panoramic view of the trees at a distance every time you look through your window. Yes, buying property around parks is not without its perks! Today, many 1 BHKs in Dahisar East entail wide windows that look upon the Eastern Express Highway stretching all the way to the Arabian Sea. So, what are some significant advantages of living close to parks? Have a look:

1. Better Ventilation and Air Circulation
A well-ventilated home prevents congestion and facilitates a healthy environment. Living near a park can significantly increase the ventilation and air circulation in a home, making it a pleasant and habitable place even during the heights of summer.

2. A Mood Enhancer
If visiting a park can change our moods so drastically, imagine being perpetually surrounded by one! Studies have revealed that individuals who reside in and around parks measured higher on psychological well-being than those residing in-land. Even a glimpse of it from the window can make a significant difference in one’s emotional welfare. Living near a park can help individuals feel calmer and more relaxed after a hectic day than those living in homes with a nondescript view of the city. For example, many flats for sale in Dahisar East are situated facing the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is not exactly at a stone’s throw from the property but provides a panoramic window view, nonetheless.

3. The Perfect Weekend Getaway
One of the greatest advantages of residing near the park is that your weekend getaway is only a stone’s throw away! Even if the park area around you is not exactly a garden, it would still form the perfect milieu for a quiet, pleasant walk on a Sunday evening!

4. Welcoming an Energy-Efficient Existence
Lastly, living around parks can considerably reduce a household’s electricity consumption, especially in a tropical country like India. This is because even during summers, the room temperature of the home is always cool in areas close to the park. Thus, one may not have to switch on the ACs or set the fans to full-speed even during such weather conditions. This aspect would help home-owners save up a considerable amount of money every month on their electricity bills.

Buying a home near a park is a sound decision not only in terms of the aesthetics but also for a healthy and happy existence. Surrounded by the picturesque Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, VKLAL VISHNU PHASE I in Dahisar is an affordable and convenient avenue for the middle-income group in Mumbai. The 1 BHK flats we offer are spacious, comfortable and well-structured, with wide windows overlooking a picturesque expanse. Click here to know more!