VKLAL Vishnu: Helping You Find A Better Home

The havoc caused by this pandemic has forced everyone to maintain social distancing and stay indoors at all times. In these difficult times, many were unprepared for these situations not just mentally but financially as well. In Mumbai, there are many people who stay in chawls that are built extremely close to one another. These places usually have a public toilet and no bathroom facilities. Also these places are overcrowded as there are cramped places and more people. These factors result in hygiene problems and lack of privacy.

We at VKLAL Vishnu Phase I are here to provide you with a better living opportunity. The apartments are well equipped with high quality materials, own toilet inside the house, great cross ventilation and ample amount of sunlight. The building also has an elevator facility and security is provided at all times. Health and safety is our top priority and we have taken that into consideration with limited amount of apartments on each floor.

Living at VKLAL Vishnu Phase I, we are sure we can help find a better home for you.