5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your 1 BHK Flat

It has been rightly said, “Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment.”
While buying property at an infrastructurally advancing neighbourhood is crucial to a comfortable existence, inspiration always begins ‘at home’ rather than ‘around the home’.

An aesthetically sound home customised to its inhabitants’ preferences facilitates their emotional wellbeing and supports them in their endeavours. And being neither too large nor too congested, 1 BHK flats act as the perfect platforms for innovative home décor experiments. Many builders in Dahisar and other emerging suburbs of Mumbai offer 1 BHK flats well-suited to customisation. So, here are 5 unique and budget-friendly ways in which you may decorate your 1 BHK flat:

1. Elegant and Space Efficient Vertical Storage Systems

Vertical storage racks are effective options for striking the perfect balance between utility and aesthetics. Consider setting up wooden storage systems with open and closed racks and chests of drawers. Such shelves may be used to stack up every other household item, from books and toys to clothes and showpieces! Online furniture stores like Lalco Interiors offer efficient and affordable wardrobes with a variety of customizable drawer and shelf configurations.

2. Towards a ‘Bright’ Future: Ensuring Sufficient Illumination

A well-lit home not only allows residents to find their belongings easily but also boosts their mood instantly. It is a good idea to experiment with different light sources, from the quintessential bedside lamps and lanterns to contemporary fairy lights and overhead chandeliers. For all of your lighting needs and wants, check out Lalco Interiors’ wide selection of imported and domestic lights, from basic sconces to extravagant chandeliers, the perfect lights can complete the perfect home.

The Home is Where…Art is!

Art is not only an embellishment but also a means of expression and resonance. Research on art galleries and exhibitions both online and around you, and invest in creative artworks by emerging and established artists! It helps to dedicate the wall over your shelf to art displays as this space is often left unused in most homes. Lalco Interiors has curated a beautiful selection of artwork from local artists from around India. Check out Lalco Interiors Art Gallery for the latest curated pieces.

3. Minimalistic Yet Majestic Décor Items

Minimalism is much more than a passing trend in the world of interior décor. While most people misconstrue minimalism as disposing of all your belongings, it is really about evaluating your needs and retaining only what truly appeals to you. Besides a clutter-free existence, minimalists also advocate ideas like the use of subtle colours; proper ventilation and lighting; and a compact, well-organised home style. To achieve the latter, many 1 BHK flats in Dahisar and other emerging Mumbai neighbourhoods now offer open-plan kitchens customised to the inhabitants’ preference. Lalco Interiors’ in-house interior designers can help you pick the best furniture for your specific tastes. Follow Lalco Interiors on Instagram or Pinterest for great ideas on all types of interiors designs.

4. Light Furniture, Lighter Mind!

The nature of your home décor significantly influences your mood and mental wellbeing. Using light but sturdy furniture made of natural materials like wicker or bamboo can elevate the look and feel of your home. Such materials make for elegant home furniture while being lightweight, cost-effective and durable. One could also opt for vintage bamboo coffee-tables and other such adorable accessories to bring about an old-school yet contemporary feel! Check out some additional light weight furniture here.

Due to their affordability and adequate space availability, 1 BHK flats are becoming increasingly prevalent in metropolitan cities today. With considerable expertise and experience in the real-estate development sector, the V. K. Lalco Group offers spacious, comfortable 1 BHK flats at VKLAL VISHNU PHASE I in Dahisar East. Click here to know more about us and our projects!