Buying a 1 BHK Flat in Borivali & Dahisar – Tips on How to Do it Quickly

Borivali & Dahisar are two of the most popular destinations amongst new homeowners. Both offer excellent connectivity and convenient travel options to anywhere in Mumbai. Borivali & Dahisar is home to numerous prestigious schools, offering CBSE, ICSE as well as international boards. Vibgyor High School and Rustomjee Cambridge International School are two of the many great schools in the area. There are also many great colleges around Borivali and Dahisar, like St Francis Institute of Technology, Thakur Ramnarayan College of Law and Rustomjee Business School, which are all well ranked as top colleges in Mumbai.

1. If you are looking to buy a flat in either of these areas, then these 5 tips will help you make the right buying decision quickly. Shop for bank pre-approved properties: Every bank has a list of residential properties which are pre-approved by them. Checking out and choosing from one of the pre-approved properties can save you a lot of time and hassle. Further, upon examining the property, if the bank finds it a safe bet, will sanction the home loan. Average home loan approval timeline is 50 days you can save time by choosing from one of the pre-approved properties.

2. Apples to apple comparisons: Every builder offers different sizes, finishings and amenities with their flats. This often results in a lot of confusion for the buyer. To ensure apples to apple comparison between your shortlisted properties, ask each builder for the RERA carpet area, the price per sq. ft. on that RERA carpet area, a list of amenities provided, and the cost in hand, including building maintenance and sundry expenses. This is the right time to check and compare the construction quality of the flat. It is also important to view a sample flat before making any decision so you can see the type of finishings you will receive with the flat. Nobody wants to finalize a purchase and then realize they must spend an additional 10% to finish an apartment. Make sure you know what you will get when you receive the keys. Compare your shortlisted property on each of the above-mentioned headings to make an informed decision.

3. Use MahaRERA: In Maharashtra, every project has a MahaRERA number. Obtain this number for all your shortlisted properties. Use this number and utilize the MahaRERA website to collect all details for each of your chosen projects. Data provided on-site is factual and up to date. So this will allow you to get the real deal about each of your shortlisted properties.

4. Use Google Maps: Use Google Maps to establish the distance of essential amenities from each of your shortlisted properties. Also, make sure to check the distance and travel time from your shortlisted properties to your office location and children schools. Look out for a property that minimises your travel time while maximizing your comfort and fits comfortably within your budget.

5. Use a bank to vet your prospective home: As an individual, especially if you are a first-time buyer, you might find the task of vetting a prospective property to be quite overwhelming, so using a bank for same would be a smart decision.

6. Lastly make sure to obtain all the relevant paperwork, like the Building Approval Plan, Sale Deed, Completion Certificate, Occupancy Certificate and Sale Agreement, from your builder when taking possession of your flat.

Using these five tips you can make a smart and quick property purchase which will not only be a sound investment but also a smart one!