Why is This the Time to Buy Property in Mumbai? Take a look!

2020 has been a year of chaos and disorientation, fear and transitions for the world in general. As countries across the globe slowly stagger back to their erstwhile schedules, it’s time to start looking into buying that home you were thinking about before the lockdown occurred.

Many individuals who had been looking for permanent homes before the national lockdown in India have now paused their home-hunt, fearing losses and disillusionment due to COVID-19. Yes, like every other industry, the real estate sector in general and builders in Mumbai in particular, have incurred their share of setbacks after the imposition of the lockdown. However, we can assure you that this is indeed the time to invest in real estate and zero in on your dream home! And here are some reasons why we feel so:

1. The Oldest & the Most Secure Asset Class

Real estate is considered the oldest of all asset classes, and it is also one of the most secure asset classes today. Investing in real estate not only provides you with a home to resort to but also the option to lease it out in case you require a supplementary source of income. While other asset classes may witness massive fluctuations, real estate investments have safety built in because people always need places to live

2. All-Time Low Interest Rates

While individuals are skeptical about losing money in real estate during the pandemic, the good news is that interest rates are now at their all-time lowest figures in 15 years! And that is why 2020 is probably the best time for individuals and families to buy property in Mumbai, where the prices usually skyrocket at all other times. Buying a 1 BHK in Dahisar and other bustling growing suburban areas of Mumbai is now a much more affordable venture as compared to other times.

3. Exciting Real-Estate Schemes Now Available

In an effort to encourage more and more individuals to purchase their dream homes, builders in Mumbai are offering interesting and lucrative schemes on properties around the city. This includes exciting payment terms which when coupled with lower interest rates make for huge savings. This makes real-estate investments extremely affordable and easily available to individuals looking for homes in prime locations of the city.

4. Dedicated Work-From-Home Space

Although the situation is bound to return to normal and stepping out of one’s home should again become the norm soon, it is never bad to have a dedicated work-from-home space especially as the world becomes more used to virtual workspace and people working from home. This has been even more strongly established in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where almost all businesses are carrying out their day-to-day activities on online platforms. That is why having a secure, undisturbed and dedicated work-from-home space becomes all the more relevant during such times. Purchasing property at this time would provide you with a chance of securing your work-from-home space at the earliest possible and having an undisturbed and organized daily schedule.


Having a safe space to retreat to is a dream for most individuals and families who move to the city in search of a better standard of life. And this need for one’s own space has now been reiterated all the more by the COVID-19 pandemic, where the home is literally the safest and most secure place to be. We at V. K. Lalco Group would be more than happy to walk you through the floor plan of VKLAL Vishnu Phase I in Dahisar and support you to buy your very own 1 BHK flat. We can do a virtual walk through or phone call to discuss your buying options or schedule a visit to our site where we take every precaution to ensure your safety during your visit. Click here to know more about us!