Buying a 1 BHK Flat in Borivali & Dahisar – Tips on How to Do it Quickly

Borivali & Dahisar are two of the most popular destinations amongst new homeowners. Both offer excellent connectivity and convenient travel options to anywhere in Mumbai. Borivali & Dahisar is home to numerous prestigious schools, offering CBSE, ICSE as well as international boards. Vibgyor High School and Rustomjee Cambridge International School are two of the many great schools in the area. There are also many great colleges around Borivali and Dahisar, like St Francis Institute of Technology, Thakur Ramnarayan College of Law and Rustomjee Business School, which are all well ranked as top colleges in Mumbai.

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Two Reasons to Buy Real Estate

Mumbai is the City of Dreams. People from all over India come here in search of employment, better opportunities and a better life. With such a massive inflow of people, the city has continued to expand Northward and Eastward.  The cities growing infrastructure has allowed the working population to live further and further away from the city centre while still being able to reach work on time.
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Reasons to Visit Mumbai

Mumbai has something to offer everybody. It’s a city where diversity rules! In Mumbai you can experience everything from food trucks to the 5 star dining. You can travel in the luxury of the chauffeur driven car or choose to experience the hustle and bustle of a local train. For the creature of comfort Mumbai offers some of the best in class hotels, while also offering slum tours for those seeking to explore the underbelly of Mumbai!

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Top 5 Interesting Facts About India’s Monsoons

After hot and sweaty summer, comes the season of Rain. Popularly called as Monsoon in India! This season generally runs from late June to early September (but varies across the country). It revitalizes dried out valleys and steams and brings back the beauty of nature. Everything looks so pleasing. So, today we will be sharing Top 5 Interesting Facts about India’s Monsoons. Let’s get started…
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Enjoy Mumbai During Rains

Rainy season is here, and it’s going full throttle in Mumbai currently. Overcast sky, cool breeze and light drizzle have become a constant around the city. This weather brings out the nature lover in lot of us, and many enthusiasts are found taking up the challenge of trekking and exploring the wildlife Mumbai has to offer during Monsoons. However, there are equal numbers of us who dread the onset of Monsoons, because it means that the outdoors will get mucky, wet and generally difficult to tread in. So what can you do in Mumbai during the monsoons without getting wet? There is loads this city has to offer, in terms if indoor entertainment. Let’s have a look at 4 terrific places to drop by when vesting Mumbai during Monsoons. And if you have yet not finalized where to stay, don’t look any further than Lalco Residency, they offer the most awesome service apartments in Mumbai. They will make your stay feel like a slice of heaven right here on earth.
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