The Incredible Benefits of Buying Homes in Ongoing Residential Projects

Buying a home in a bustling metropolis like Mumbai is nothing short of a dream come true. This holds true not only for the local residents but also for many aspiring immigrants. Finding a home that strikes the perfect balance between affordability, aesthetics and space is nothing short of a challenge. Consequently, many young Mumbaikars end up settling in rented apartments or buying small homes to cut costs and save up for an elusive future.

Buying flats in upcoming residential projects is an effective alternative to such compromises. Today, several builders in Mumbai establish multiple real-estate projects at affordable rates, facilitating a hassle-free and reasonable home-buying process for real-estate beginners. Why should aspiring home-buyers purchase flats in upcoming residential projects? Here’s a look:

Equipped with Modern Amenities
A significant aspect of purchasing a flat at an upcoming or under-construction project is that it is typically equipped with modern amenities. Some of these include fire exits, wide windows, 24×7 security systems and intercom facilities. With already established projects, there is a possibility of these amenities either being lax or not present at all.

Brand New, First-Hand Properties
Despite being generally well-maintained, second-hand properties typically have some shortcomings due to having been inhabited already. Thus, home-buyers of second-hand properties often incur additional repair and renovation costs after the former inhabitants vacate the place. However, first-hand residential projects are transferred directly from the builder to the home-owner, which helps the latter avoid such additional costs. Many 1 BHKs in Borivali and other such developed areas of the city are spacious, affordable and first-hand properties that require minimal additional maintenance.

Situated at Rapidly Emerging Localities
The popularity of localities as residential areas changes from time to time. While properties at prime locations may seem enticing, they are typically very expensive. In contrast, accommodations at secluded areas may be quite reasonable; however, the neighbourhood may not offer adequate resources and infrastructure required to lead a comfortable existence. For this reason, builders of upcoming residential projects typically look for areas that strike the right balance between these two aspects, providing residents with the best of both the worlds. For instance, buying a 1 BHK flat in Borivali East allows one to reap the benefits of affordable properties and world-class amenities.

Today, reputed real estate developers in the city offer premier 1 BHK flats at prime and emerging locations to seamlessly fulfil the accommodation needs of individuals and families. The 1 BHK flats in VKLAL Hari Phase I in Borivali provide residents with Best in class amenities and spacious rooms. Click here to know more!