Suburban Mumbai Attractions – “Aarey Milk Colony”

A green belt in Mumbai’s urban suburbs, Aarey Colony, is an extended forest area of Borivali National Park in Goregaon (East). For years it has been known as ‘Aarey Milk’ Colony due to, a state government initiative under the greater Mumbai milk scheme…

Monsoon is the awesome time to visit this green oasis as it attract lots of migratory birds and the whole area transforms into a beautiful wildlife sanctuary. The widely spread Colony is about 3600 to 4000 acres of forest land attracts nature enthusiast who lovephotography and green scenic views. While Chota Kashmir (the topic of our blog next week) is what attracts most people to Aarey colony, we recommend checking out ‘Aarey Picnic Pond’, a small relaxing pond great for fun play and picnics.

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